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#51 Hashtag : Reflect

30 Apr

So awhile ago back in post 29 i did a twitter post to see if there was any tweets with #Project54 and i got a few so i went back to see if there was any new ones and i found 2 new post had been made. It was people in my just tweeting about this project 54.


Then i searched again #Tide54¬†because¬†last time i got no results. And again i got no results ūüė¶

But i did find get a result for a @tide54 which is the username of some one.



I thought i would have gotten more results out of both of them i’m surprised there wasn’t many posts but then again who want’s to tweet about a project? I my self haven’t tweeted or used the #project54 or #tide54 either.


#50 Glass : Reflect

30 Apr



I created this piece to make it look like a glass teleidoscope with tide colors. Glass reflects the image of the person or item being seen through it. So instead of taking a picture of Tide in the mirror, the idea of making a teleidoscope image. I couldn’t actually get the different shapes so i had to make it in squares then put the glass effect on it. It took me sometime to come up with the idea then to actually do it was hard but i go it done and this is what i came up with.¬†

49 Life : Empathy

30 Apr

I created a short film on the life cycle of detergent from once it’s in a grocery bag to the point where it ends in a dryer. I thought a short black and white film would be good so we could feel empathy towards what detergent has to go through in it’s short little life cycle.

48 Senses : Empathy

29 Apr

Our five senses have to do a lot on how we feel about a certain thing. If we eat it and don;t like it we have tasted it. If we see it and it looks ugly we have seen it. But in this case it’s about smell, smelling something¬†pleasant¬†that we accept or enjoy. Smell is a strong sense that we have, because it bring back memories. Like let’s say you walk into a pie shop and you smell apple pie, it might remind you of when you were little and you use to go to your grandma’s house and in her house it always smelled of fresh apple pie. That’s why i have created scented Tide detergents. Not the usual clean smell scented like cotton linen, spring scent or fresh shower. These scents are those that attract you and bring pleasure like lemon, grape and strawberry. And the best part is it sin’t made with those strong chemical smells, it’s made with real fruit scents!¬†




47 Teleport : Empathy

28 Apr


We all need to wash clothes but we hate, at least i do, driving in traffic just to go get detergent! Because back in my house i live in the middle of the woods and the closest store to get detergent it about 10-15 minutes  How would you feel if you could teleport and just appear at the store to buy tide! It would make washing clothes easier.


46 Spaghetti: None

28 Apr

What’s the best way to get messy? By eating sloppy foods! Spaghetti is a great food that makes everything dirty. So imagine everyone eating spaghetti, slurping up the noodles while the sauce splatters everywhere. There will be no more clean white shirts!

I have made a fast video on how to cook spaghetti!

None – No clothes – How to get messy – Food – Spaghetti – How to make spaghetti

45 Target vs Rite Aid : Empathy

28 Apr







Empathy -Feelings – How Stores feel about detergents

So this week’s directive is empathy and at first i didn’t know how to do this post but one day going into Rite Aid i saw this (image below). It was a “red hot specials” for Gain which is gain’s arch enemy! I was¬†surprised¬†because usually Tide is always the big shot the one on sell or the one with their own section of promotion. Gain here is the winner over Tide.



Here in this image (image below) you can see that Tide has their own isle, not sharing it with any other detergent brand. This image was taken in Target where Tide is seen as a big leader in the detergent line. Tide has won here.



Depending on what store you go you can see how these stores feel about what detergent should be on sale or have their own isle. Maybe Gain is a bigger seller in Rite Aid that’s why they have their own isle and at Target Tide’s the bigger seller i imagine.