48 Senses : Empathy

29 Apr

Our five senses have to do a lot on how we feel about a certain thing. If we eat it and don;t like it we have tasted it. If we see it and it looks ugly we have seen it. But in this case it’s about smell, smelling something pleasant that we accept or enjoy. Smell is a strong sense that we have, because it bring back memories. Like let’s say you walk into a pie shop and you smell apple pie, it might remind you of when you were little and you use to go to your grandma’s house and in her house it always smelled of fresh apple pie. That’s why i have created scented Tide detergents. Not the usual clean smell scented like cotton linen, spring scent or fresh shower. These scents are those that attract you and bring pleasure like lemon, grape and strawberry. And the best part is it sin’t made with those strong chemical smells, it’s made with real fruit scents! 




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