47 Teleport : Empathy

28 Apr


We all need to wash clothes but we hate, at least i do, driving in traffic just to go get detergent! Because back in my house i live in the middle of the woods and the closest store to get detergent it about 10-15 minutes  How would you feel if you could teleport and just appear at the store to buy tide! It would make washing clothes easier.


46 Spaghetti: None

28 Apr

What’s the best way to get messy? By eating sloppy foods! Spaghetti is a great food that makes everything dirty. So imagine everyone eating spaghetti, slurping up the noodles while the sauce splatters everywhere. There will be no more clean white shirts!

I have made a fast video on how to cook spaghetti!

None – No clothes – How to get messy – Food – Spaghetti – How to make spaghetti

45 Target vs Rite Aid : Empathy

28 Apr







Empathy -Feelings – How Stores feel about detergents

So this week’s directive is empathy and at first i didn’t know how to do this post but one day going into Rite Aid i saw this (image below). It was a “red hot specials” for Gain which is gain’s arch enemy! I was surprised because usually Tide is always the big shot the one on sell or the one with their own section of promotion. Gain here is the winner over Tide.



Here in this image (image below) you can see that Tide has their own isle, not sharing it with any other detergent brand. This image was taken in Target where Tide is seen as a big leader in the detergent line. Tide has won here.



Depending on what store you go you can see how these stores feel about what detergent should be on sale or have their own isle. Maybe Gain is a bigger seller in Rite Aid that’s why they have their own isle and at Target Tide’s the bigger seller i imagine.


44 Missing basket: None

24 Apr

So last weekend i went home and took my laundry basket with me to do laundry there since it’s FREE (not like these apartments. ) The sad thing is i left my clothes and laundry basket at home, i forgot it. Clothes wasn’t a problem because i have a lot at my apartment still to last me another week and i didn’t really think the basket would matter but that’s where i was wrong. My clothes have been piling up on the floor and bed, I’ve gone to the extent of putting dirty laundry in grocery store bags. Plus i haven’t really had time to do much with all the projects and finals coming up. So this directive “None” as in no time to fix my laundry or clean that well  just stuck to the laptop doing work/ studying. But doesn’t matter how much work / studying i have to do one thing that you always have to do is laundry 🙂 stay clean.

photo 3 (3)


photo 2 (3)


43 drawing: None

24 Apr

43 drawing: None

This is the drawing i did in class. It looks quite cartoon-ish but it’s suppose to be my mom. When i first started drawing it i thought it was going to be my dad but thent he eyes looked girly so i changed it into my mom. Either way they are both very important to me. My mom is the one who taught me how to wash my clothes where she didn’t really teach, i just picked it up it was pretty easy. Just read the label and turn on the washing machine. haha. Tide being a product needed to wash clothes is also a way for kids to connect to their parents i guess. At one point in life you have to learn how to wash clothes right? and your parents and Tide will help you get through that. So they was none relates to this post is that i had “none” or no ideas what to do with that directive but doing this in class gave me one more post, thanks!

42 Stop Motion: None

16 Apr

#41Addict :None

13 Apr

We all need to clean our clothes, detergent is a need!

I did this quick comic sketch about a guy addicted to Tide and has none then what happens?

photo 5

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3photo 4photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)  photo 3 (2)  photo 4 (2)