47 Teleport : Empathy

28 Apr


We all need to wash clothes but we hate, at least i do, driving in traffic just to go get detergent! Because back in my house i live in the middle of the woods and the closest store to get detergent it about 10-15 minutes  How would you feel if you could teleport and just appear at the store to buy tide! It would make washing clothes easier.


46 Spaghetti: None

28 Apr

What’s the best way to get messy? By eating sloppy foods! Spaghetti is a great food that makes everything dirty. So imagine everyone eating spaghetti, slurping up the noodles while the sauce splatters everywhere. There will be no more clean white shirts!

I have made a fast video on how to cook spaghetti!

None – No clothes – How to get messy – Food – Spaghetti – How to make spaghetti


#20 Genie: Soul

4 Mar

Soul in my understanding is someone who you are in the inside not physically but it’s who makes you yourself, like personality and how you are towards the world. It’s a way of expressing yourself different from others. We know tide is just a bottle filled with detergent but it had a soul like humans supposedly do, how would he/she be? 

In my video the tide bottle contains a soul inside like a classical genie bottle.



#6 Tide Trouble: Emotion

6 Feb

What shows more emotion than a music video with sappy love lyrics? Nothing. It was the perfect idea, so i made my little sister Vivian sing a cover of Taylor Swift’s song “I knew you were trouble”.  She changed some of the lyrics to add words like “stains”  to refer to Tide. This song shows the emotion, hate and sadness. Below are the lyrics. Enjoy! 😀

Once upon time
A few stains ago
I was in your sights
You got me all mad
You hate me
You hate me
You hate me

I guess you didn’t care
And I guess I hate me
And when I fell hard
You looked at me and
Laughed without me, without me, without me

And he’s long gone
When it’s next to me
And I realize the blame is on you

Cause I knew you were trouble when I saw you
So shame on me now
Took me to a stage i’d never been
‘Til you put me down oh
I knew you were trouble when you walked in
So shame on me now
Took me to stage i’d never been
Now i’m lying on the cold hard ground
Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble



2 Feb

I was trying to find something cool to do with tide not like a drawing or another Photoshop picture but something hands on. I googled ideas and tried to think maybe there was some type of experiments i could do with tide? And i found a blob experiment! Here’s the video on how to make Tide blob.